The Journey Begins

Hello everyone!

My name is Kiersten and I would like to officially welcome you to the first post on the blog. I am so nervous but mostly excited to be doing this. If someone would have told me a year ago that some time in the near future I would be starting a blog, I would have called them crazy. I’m not the type of girl who likes to share her thoughts for the whole world to hear, let alone see. I would rather write them down in a journal and keep them for my own private eyes. I have been into writing and creating my own stories ever since I was young. The thing is, I have never been comfortable with the idea of others reading what I write for fear of harsh criticism. I guess somewhere along the way though, I began to realize I would face criticism in every area of my life, not just in my writing. So, to help me out of my comfort zone and to help further develop my writing style a little, I decided to give this blog a go.

I know this blog has been up and running for a while, I just haven’t posted anything yet because I have been struggling in deciding a niche, or goal that I want this blog to achieve. And now that I’m not 20 anymore (21 this past May), I thought I would go ahead and just explain a little why I decided to call the blog, Twenty and Counting. I named it that because I am hoping to have a long life, serving the Lord in everything I do until my last breath. I am hoping for more years to bloom, to grow, into the person I was created to be. To actually find that person, it means stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and taking the leap of faith down a path that was already planned for you.

As the years go by, the blog will change as I will change. Hopefully a change for the better. I honestly have no idea what the future holds for me or this blog, but I am hoping that it is still up and running ten years from now. Topics on the blog may change, but change is always a good thing. Its something I need to get used to because it is definitely something I am not used to right now. I hope you guys decide to join me on this journey because I am hoping, I have a feeling that it is going to be a great ride.


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